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"I believe that the key to building a successful soulful business is loving the business as much as you love serving others." 

~Bryn Brown

Hi, I'm Bryn Brown and I'm so glad you're here. My mission is to help you fall in love with the business side of serving others.


As a Business Coach, I guide service-based entrepreneurs in building a solid foundation for their business so they can quickly fill their client roster, reach more people with their message, and make more money with ease. Along the way, I help my clients remove the mental blocks around numbers and money so bank statements and spreadsheets are no longer a source of panic and anxiety.

Using heartfelt connections as the foundation for growth, mixed with a healthy dose of 'woo' (aka spiritual wisdom), I guide my high-achieving clients as they realize their deepest passions and turn them into the kind of work that feeds their soul. From there - or for those who are already nose-deep in their business - we build and scale quickly and with integrity (no sleazy sales tactics here!), so they can lead with their heart and make a BIG impact in the lives of their clients.


Who am I to coach business? I have nearly 20 years of sales and business development experience. I have done everything from direct sales to international non-profit fundraising, responsible for building and maintaining relationships worth multi-millions.


In my experience, it's often the little habits that create the biggest results. Regardless of whether I was growing my own business or someone else's, focusing on the fundamentals has always been the starting point for success. My structured systems and sense of practicality, combined with a client's vision and gifts, gets results fast. 

Today, I feel very fortunate to follow my passion of coaching and consulting with clients on a one-on-one basis and small groups, and  providing a highly customized and actionable plan, with a spiritual foundation, designed to build your confidence and profitability as an entrepreneur.

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