Build a soul-aligned business that is as profitable and impactful as you dream it to be!

This is a transformational 12-week group program for soul-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to:

Alchemize your business by implementing both practical & tactical strategies alongside metaphysical tools like Human Design, manifestation, intuitive guidance, meditation and visualizations to craft the business of your dreams!

✦ Learn the foundations of Human Design to understand your unique strengths and gifts, and use your Type, Strategy, and Authority in your business and marketing copy

Develop a soulful strategy that integrates proven business processes and an intuitive marketing plan that finally fills your signature program with aligned clients

✦ Create a customized step-by-step action plan that ignites your soul and calls in your Divine clients for greater ease and profitability in your work

 Get live support as you present your refined offer to the world and watch yourself and your business transform in just 3 months or less!




“It’s been my intention to fill my private practice calendar. In speaking with Bryn, she was no-nonsense, down to earth, and no pressure. After several meditations and connecting with my spirit guides, I decided to take the plunge. Glad I did. I still have one more month of coaching and I made back my investment with lots of income left over to buy wish list items for my business. The fascinating bit is that I’m easily found by those who need and want my services. If you are on the fence, you may be losing money. It’s the first time I ever made such sales in the history of my business.”


Ev Zervoudakis
Holistic Healing Astrology


"I finally feel like I got everything I needed for my business that actually integrates my spirituality and that is huge for me!"


Gina Borchardt
Executive Wellness Consultant


"Bryn! I sold my first VIP plan! And all 3 people from 2 weeks ago signed onto wellness plans, including the guy from Ireland, so we’re officially international! One of my goals for the year. Plus, ANOTHER new client today. The universe is responding as I continue to release my fear. 🥰 Thank you 🥰 always appreciate you!"


Functional Medicine Practitioner


Create a business that is "soul aligned by design"!


When you step into a space of true authenticity, you create from a soul level - aka the quantum level. This is what it means to co-create with Source energy. 


What you create from this space probably won't look like everyone else's. It shouldn't! Because it's uniquely yours... which allows you to stand out, get noticed, and create more income and impact, seemingly effortlessly.


Too many soulpreneurs get stuck trying to follow someone else's formula in an effort to do things the "right" way. When you let go of the concept of right and wrong, you call in:


  The freedom to use your voice and fully express yourself through your business with the confidence to know that your people will find you regardless of what your marketing plan looks like. 


  Clarity. It becomes easy to know who your ideal client is, what you want to offer them, how much to charge, and how & where to share your work in a way that converts.

  A soulful strategy that puts you on the path to freedom and sustained enthusiasm for your work, not burnout or resentment.


   Success in your business that doesn’t feel forced but instead feels like you just keep winning the lottery over and over again.


   The joy that comes with knowing that you are on your right path, making a positive impact on the world and helping to raise the collective vibration every single moment that you show up for your business.




Oh hey there, I see you. Yes, YOU!


The heart-centered entrepreneur who is tired of all the “overnight success” course claims and one-size-fits-all marketing methods. 


✦   You’re on a mission to help and heal people; you have something powerful and transformational to offer… yet you feel like no one can hear you, no matter how much you say or post.


   You're confident that if you can get in front of the right people, you can sign all the clients you need but building an audience feels overwhelming and you’re frustrated and don't want to face another uphill battle.


   When you work with clients, everything seems to flow effortlessly. Yet when you try to plan out social media and email content, you freeze up and can’t think of a thing to say…


   You deeply honor and value your spirituality and the Laws of the Universe. You incorporate this into your personal life and your work with clients, but you’re not sure how to make it part of your business plan.


   You know that affirmations and meditations work but you want concrete, proven action steps to take in the real world, too.


  You know you can be successful but it seems like you’re missing something important and you can’t seem to figure out what it is or how to get the ball rolling.


I know exactly how it feels to be ready for so much more in your business but not feel confident that you’re doing the right things.

That’s why I know it’s time for you to join me on this journey of self-exploration and soul-aligned strategy, so you can walk away with real, tangible momentum, new clients, and a renewed sense of passion for growing your business… in just 12 weeks!






✦  SECTION 1: Energetic Alignment

✦  SECTION 2: Soulful Business Strategy

  SECTION 3: Intuitive Marketing Plan

  SECTION 4: Client Creation


All modules are designed specifically to help you:


Understand how your specific energetic field works and how to move into alignment and flow in any given moment


 Learn the basics of Human Design so you can reconnect with your soul essence, see yourself as worthy just the way you are, and make empowered decisions about your life and business


 Create clarity on what your dream business actually looks and feels like so you can recognize your soul clients and call them in with ease


 Create a soulful strategy for the rest of your year so you always know what to do to move your business forward, even if you crave flexibility in your plan


 Implement a financial plan that is effective, tactical and high vibe. 


✔ Express yourself through an intuitive marketing plan so you can set yourself apart within your industry and never struggle to know what, how, or when to say what you've got to say


✔ Learn how to actually create new clients on-demand and lay the foundation you need to create a steady flow of business that supports your desired lifestyle



Manifesting Your Dream Business

Access the quantum field using guided meditations & intuition practices to drop into creative flow so you can call in your dream biz.  

Money Mindset

We'll shift the way you feel about money in a supportive and uplifting way so that money simply becomes a wonderful by-product of doing what you love.

Human Design Foundations

Understand the basics of your chart and learn how your unique energy works so that you have a concrete tool to help you make aligned decisions for the rest of your life!

Soulful Strategy

Create a step-by-step plan that energizes you, feels 100% aligned with your vision, and actually brings you clients, income, and freedom.

Intuitive Marketing 

Learn to let your intuition lead your marketing efforts so you can stand out online and never feel salesy or awkward when sharing your offers.

Creating Clients

Supported by a clear intention and a magical client soul call practice, you will get the proven processes you need to fill your programs.


Since this is the first time I'm running this program,

I'm sweetening the deal with all kinds of bonuses when you join as a





(valued over $5,000!)

 12 LIVE coaching and Q&A calls ($2364 value)

 Special Founding Member Rate($500+ savings!)

 Lifetime Access to the course and call replays ($997 value)

 Guest Expert bonus classes for group healing, energy work and specialized support along the way ($497 value)

 60-min ‘Ask the Expert’ Marketing & Tech Call ($297 value)

 Workbooks, templates, and resources customized to your specific requests ($197 value)

 Exclusive Guided Meditation Bundle ($111 value)

➤ LIFETIME Access to Inner Circle private Facebook group to get Bryn’s insight and eyes on your business anytime! (Priceless!)


Ready to transform your life & business in just 12 weeks?

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join today:

Business Alchemy Founding Member


Full Payment

 My 4-step framework to build the profitable, soul-aligned business of your dreams!

 12+ modules to guide you every step of the way.

 12 LIVE coaching calls to make sure you feel solid and confident in your new plan.

 $5,000+ worth of bonus classes and tutorials to make this the most comprehensive starter (or re-start) program you'll ever need!


Business Alchemy Founding Member

$333/mo x 4

Payment Plan

 My 4-step framework to build the profitable, soul-aligned business of your dreams!

 12+ modules to guide you every step of the way.

 12 LIVE coaching calls to make sure you feel solid and confident in your new plan.

 $5,000+ worth of bonus classes and tutorials to make this the most comprehensive starter (or re-start) program you'll ever need!


Business Alchemy Founding Member

$222/mo x 6

Payment Plan

 My 4-step framework to build the profitable, soul-aligned business of your dreams!

12+ modules to guide you every step of the way.

 12 LIVE coaching calls to make sure you feel solid and confident in your new plan.

 $5,000+ worth of bonus classes and tutorials to make this the most comprehensive starter (or re-start) program you'll ever need!


Say goodbye to...

Overwhelm, analysis paralysis, confusion and self-doubt that's keeping you stuck in your business

✘ Wondering what to do every day to get your business off the ground and making consistent $5k+ per month

One-size-fits-all sales and marketing plans that look and sound like everyone else, and just don't feel good to you

✘ Feeling frustrated and disappointed, like nothing you're doing seems to be making a difference

Amy Seymore, 
Occupational Therapist


“During our initial conversation Bryn helped me connect a few intense truths about finances and my anxiety that allowed me to open my eyes to the value of being coached. Bryn primarily coached me through growing my small business in its second year of operation, but also brought order into my chaotic personal life (which, let’s face it, really can impact your business). I cannot recommend this woman highly enough.”

Morgan Balavage


"Within a month of working with Bryn, I had made back my investment in her coaching, and with her support, my business has continued to grow exponentially. After less than a year of working with Bryn, I've generated enough income to cover my tuition and expenses while I'm enrolled in acupuncture school! With Bryn's empowerment and support, I've created a financially sustainable lifestyle that supports my purpose and tapped into the universal flow that serves my community.  I refer Bryn regularly to my friend and clients, anyone who is ready to commit to making their dreams come true."

Maggie Millwood, 
Founder, Perfect Health Solutions


"Thank you for letting the powers that be use you to observe what lights me up - I am so humbled that you let that happen and the tears flowed, but that was a very powerful shift for me to surrender to knowing that I don't need to do what is comfortable, but to move to the place that helps me truly put my best forward for those who will need my become the hope whisperer those who find themselves in the battle of a lifetime.  Thank you Bryn!!!"

Your Guide

Hey, I’m Bryn Brown. My mission is to raise the collective vibration on this planet. I do that by helping the helpers have more impact and make more money. Because your people need you and you deserve to be well compensated for your gifts. Plus, the more we heal people, the more we heal ourselves AND the collective. A win-win-win.
After nearly 20 years of working to build other people's businesses, I decided to launch my own coaching practice. Within a few years, I was making 6-figures but found myself unfulfilled. I realized that I was building a business that looked and felt like everyone else's. I was trying so hard to do it all perfectly that I lost sight of what I really wanted out of my business to begin with.
I used Human Design and a lifetime of spiritual tools to guide myself back to me. Once I stepped back into my own vision and flow, everything became so much easier and way more FUN!
That's what I want for you. I've met so many other soulpreneurs overwhelmed by all the information out there that I want to remind you that you already have everything you need to be successful. I'm here to guide you back to you. So you can build the business of your  dreams. 
Oh, and for all you fellow Human Design students, I’m a 5/1 Mental Projector LAX of Defiance 2 so you can trust that you’re in good hands. I can’t wait to meet you.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I trust you to make an aligned decision. However, if you join the program, do the work and it simply isn’t for you, email us within 14 days and we’ll give you a full refund. Simple as that!


Business Alchemy for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Build a business that is soul aligned by design!