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Learn a simple and repeatable system to fill your calendar with dream client leads right away - and without ever feeling awkward or salesy.


"This is the first time I've bought a program that has actually gotten me results!"

M.H., Life Coach

✦ Do you constantly wonder where your next client will come from?

✦ Do you crave consistency and feel like it would be such a relief to have a steady stream of potential clients reaching out to you?

✦ Do you wish you had a simple (and free!) lead source that worked any time you needed it to?


Well, now you've got one!


Welcome to Referral Mastery, my signature 90 minute deep-dive workshop that will teach you how to leverage your existing network to fill your client base in a matter of weeks.


This is more than just a masterclass, when you join the course, you also get my entire referral system toolkit, complete with email, DM and text message templates to help you book calls in a matter of hours!


I’ll show you exactly how I launched my business and replaced my corporate income in just 3 months without any paid advertising, complicated marketing funnels, or awkward networking events.

It's Time to Leverage the Power of Referrals

For just $97, you get:

  • A step-by-step proven process for booking pre-qualified leads on demand!
  • 90-min masterclass that shows you
    • How to ask for referrals without ever feeling salesy, push or awkward
    • The 5 types of people you need to reach out to in order to get the most bookings
    • My exact framework that actually gets people to send you referrals.
  • A curated toolkit that provides you with everything you need to roll out your campaign this week!
  • Email, text, & DM templates - complete with  real life examples - to help you communicate naturally and effectively!
  • BONUS! To help you get new leads rolling in from every direction asap, I'm also going to throw in my Kickstart Your Leads Masterclass ($147 value) to give you even more ways to jump start your business today!

"I have three, THREE, prospect calls on Tuesday!!! I'm so so so excited!
Umm, sorry I lied, we are now at FIVE calls for next week.


Thank you thank you thank you. Your methods are working! I just had to sit down and focus."

Ellie Scott

Writer, Consultant



Bryn Brown is a Business Mentor for spiritually-inclined, service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to let go of hustle mentality, confusion, and "shiny object syndrome" so they can finally create a business that feels like a true expression of their soul.

Bryn is a Human Design 5/1 Projector with 20 years of sales & business development experience and decades of personal development and spiritual studies under her belt.

Bryn is deeply intuitive and well-versed in guiding her clients in first creating a soul-aligned business structure, then implementing proven business strategies that fit the visionso growth becomes inevitable and deeply satisfying.


Learn a simple and repeatable system to fill your calendar with warm leads anytime you want!