Learn how to have sales calls that get you more confidence, clients, and cash!


The difference between having the life you want as an entrepreneur or going back to a soul crushing job comes down to one thing:

being good at sales. 

You Know Your Work Truly Helps People

So why is everyone getting booked except you?


I know your desire to help people drives you but you also crave freedom.

Financial freedom… time freedom… freedom in your schedule to work from anywhere you want, travel around, and spend time with family. 

Freedom to be in control of your entire life, feeding your soul doing work you love, and living a life that’s 100% completely yours so that every day looks exactly the way you want it to look.

But when your prospects keep saying no, it gets really, really discouraging and it feels like you’ll never get there. Maybe you even find yourself searching job listings, wondering if you’re going to have to give up your dream and go back to working for someone else… forever.

It doesn’t have to be that way! I know because I’ve been there.

I used to cry into my coffee every morning before work because I was stuck working for someone else… selling their mission - not mine.

My heart was aching to go out on my own… I knew I could help people in a way that would truly feed my soul, but I felt trapped. Then I realized that my burning desire to help people actually made me BETTER at selling my programs with integrity and joy.

Chances are, if you’re passionate about helping people, then you can be better too.

All you need is a simple plan with simple phrases that help you know exactly what to say and when to say it.

With a little guidance, you can become a natural, masterful salesperson so every prospect automatically likes and trusts you. And if it’s a fit, you’ll easily get a “yes” – even if you’ve never done it before. 

I've put everything I know into this course to help you land your dream clients, without ever feeling pushy. awkward, or like you're hustling.


Sales Calls don't have to be Awkward and Uncomfortable

Let me guess... you’ve had this experience before. You finally get on the phone with that perfect prospect and you’re totally connecting. They are starting to get really excited about what you do and you’re getting excited to help them… and close them!

They need what you’ve got and you really need to land another client. Plus, you know in your bones that your secret sauce is the cure to their problems. It’s a win-win. Their life is about to get so much better and so is your bank account!

You’re certain they’re going to sign up, too. I mean, how could they not?! It's going SO well!

When it gets to that part of the call where you have to tell them about your program and how much it costs, suddenly things get… weird.

You’re nervous and you start to second guess yourself. You’re worried that your price is too high or they won’t think they’ll get enough for the money. You’re afraid of sounding pushy so you soften things up... maybe a little too much.

You feel yourself start to shrink and you don’t really know what to say. Things get worse.. You’re uncomfortable and they don’t seem all that excited anymore.

A moment ago you felt like old friends but now it feels forced and transactional.

So you finally blurt out your price, close your eyes, and pray they say yes. Instead you hear something like, “let me think about it”, or “I can’t afford it”, or “let me check with my partner”... anything to get off the phone.

You play it cool but your stomach is in knots.

So you let them off the hook. “No problem, just let me know.” But you really wonder, “what the heck did I do wrong?”

You feel defeated. Again.

You start to think there’s something you’re missing that everyone else seems to know. All your competitors are signing clients and launching new programs left and right, so why aren’t you?

There's no such thing as a Sales Gene!

Anyone can learn to be masterful at sales - even if you've never done it before.


I know this story because that’s exactly how it was for me when I first started in sales over 20 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing and hated that I was a salesperson!

Over the course of those two decades, I’ve learned that you don’t have to be born with some special gift that only a few people get.

There’s no such thing as a Sales Gene! Anyone can learn to sell without ever feeling like they’re selling. 

In fact, if you’re in the business of helping, healing, or solving problems for people, then you’ve already got what it takes to be incredible at sales.

All you need is a simple roadmap to show you what to say, when to say it, and how to ask for payment in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or awkward.


The Hidden Reasons You Keep Hearing 'No'


There’s more to a sales call than just following a script. Just as important as knowing what to say, is knowing what NOT to say and do.


So why do some business owners get client after client when you don’t?  It’s not that they’re any better than you… it’s probably because they’re NOT doing these three things.

Your insecurity stinks and it's driving people away. 


Like it or not, we bring all of our “stuff” to all of our relationships, including our relationship with potential clients. The tricky thing is that this shows up as energy that your client FEELS, no matter what you SAY. When you’re insecure or desperate for the sale (hey, you gotta pay the bills, right?), that energy will REPEL a client faster than you can say, “cash or credit?”

Your program is "broken". 


Many people are not putting a program together based on what your client actually WANTS. Either you get too focused on talking about the tools and methods that help your client get results, OR your program isn’t structured to actually give your clients the end result they want. When you make this mistake, your potential client won’t believe they’re actually going to get what they want and you both lose out.

You don't have a solid close.


No one wants to feel rejected and no one wants to feel sold to. So when it comes to the end of a sales call, an invisible wall will come up, dramatically lowering your chances of getting a yes. If you can drop in a few simple phrases throughout the conversation, you can bring those walls down, allowing for an easy sell when the time comes… No rejection, no sales slime, just pure integrity and warm fuzzies all around.