Everything you need to build a successful & profitable service-based business in less time!


Before I tell you about the program, let's talk about who this is for:


 You're a service-based entrepreneur who wants to fill your client load and create consistent income without working more hours.

 You know that solid systems are the path to money & time freedom but you don't really know how to create them. 

 You're amazing at what you do but you're not a salesperson and you need a marketing & sales plan that feels genuine,  not pushy or awkward.

 You're down with the Universe and want to actively co-create your future. In other words, you're not afraid to get a little woo.

We work with all kinds of service providers, from creatives and healers to financial planners - and everything in between!


By the end of this 6 month program, you will have...


 Tools to master your mindset no matter what comes your way -  this is more than self awareness, there will be concrete tools to actually move you through your blocks.

 An offering (or two) that practically sells itself -  complete with the perfect inclusions to get your clients real results, with spot-on pricing.

 Built a healthy relationship with money and numbers - no more hiding, dread or tears when it comes to these conversations because you'll have a clear plan and path forward.

 Created a simple and effective marketing plan - so you know where to show up, when to be there, and how to get your ideal client's attention.

 Be fluent in "Sales for the Non-Salesy" - there's no such thing as a sales gene. Get the scripts, the flow, and the practice to make selling second nature.

 A deep understanding of what it means to be CEO of your company -  we won't just create the basic business habits you need to set you up for success, you'll also learn how to troubleshoot like a boss. No meltdowns necessary.


But not you. You're going to have the right framework. You go, Glen Coco!


Kimsey Self

Progressive Health & Wellness

"100% close rate on the last 4 discovery calls since implementing your script. Plus they're warmed up for the wellness plans already! Our discovery call system is working. BUT, more importantly, it was the leverage and message I needed to confidently start differentiating into CEO."

Ruth Shaer

Brave New Words

"Bryn is brilliant and personable and I’m so grateful to her. I have taken her past two webinars and she breaks down starting your business in such specific and simple ways that make total sense, it’s hard to believe she doesn’t charge in the four figures. She easily could. I walked away with a CLEAR and EASY PATH TO MAKE MORE MONEY."

Morgan Balavage

Splendid Yoga

"Just wanted to let you know that I signed 2 clients to my mentorship program and made $6000 using all the tools and skills you gave me to empower the healers in my community."


Cynthia G.

Two-Day Travels

"Bryn has a great talent for coaching - she is very good at sensing when someone needs a push or when someone needs comfort and security. I am so grateful for the lessons I learned while working with her. I wouldn't be here - literally, here as an American expat in Europe building a remote business to support a nomadic lifestyle - if it hadn't been for the space she offered me to look at things and say "Well, why not, why couldn't I do that? How could I make that happen?""

Meg & Josiah Mothershed

Mothershed Design Co.

"Bryn helped us develop our sales process, define our roles, and provide structure to our business. Already, we have already seen a huge increase in the number of leads we receive and in closing sales. Bryn is so supportive, encouraging and I highly recommend her to other small businesses and solopreneurs looking to step up their sales game!"


What's inside the 

Solopreneur Success Academy..

Module 1

Planning & Strategy

Get my simple templates to create a concrete business plan (that doesn't require an MBA to write) so you have a clear path forward, complete with strategic direction and goals that feel 100% aligned (and totally doable!).

Module 2

Mindset Mastery

Whether you're new to the concept of manifesting or you've been a student of the Universe for decades, you want your spirituality to play a role in your business. Get guidance to develop and deepen your inner world practices so you can accelerate your outer world results.

Module 3

Marketing & Promotions

Understand how to speak the language of your ideal clients so you can call them in effortless. Then, create a concrete marketing strategy that is simple enough to keep you from feeling overwhelmed, yet effective enough to bring in consistent clients. You'll also learn how to build on the strategy as you grow!

Module 4

Referrals & Lead Generation

Learn my simple method for generating leads through referrals anytime you need them. As that begins to run on autopilot, learn the next best methods to layer into your business.

Module 5

Sales Mastery

Proper sales training can change everything for an entrepreneur. Get my scripts, tips, and secret phrases to simplify your sales calls and close more clients without ever feeling pushy or scammy. 

Module 6

How to be Your Own CEO

This is where you start to put it all together and run your business like a CEO. This means learning how to know when it's time to eliminate, automate, and delegate! Yes, that includes upleveling your tech tools, understanding your ROIs, and even hiring your first (or next) support person.

When you enroll during this special limited time period, you will get... 

 ✓ Lifetime access to 6 comprehensive modules that give you exactly what you need to know to get your business off the ground and create consistent income in less time.

 Done for you templates & resources to help you shortcut your processes and save you time.

Weekly LIVE calls with ME where I discuss a new topic each week in order for you to have all the skills and strategies to become an experienced and confident entrepreneur. 

My Ridiculously Easy Referrals method to help you generate leads on demand.

 Private Facebook community where you can collaborate, crowdsource, and create accountability.




Bryn helps new & first time entrepreneurs launch and grow their service-based businesses.

With over 20 years of business development experience and a passion for teaching, Bryn has a knack for helping lightworkers, creatives, coaches & consultants master sales and streamline the business “stuff” so they can stay focused on what they love doing most: helping people.